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What is CollegeNow?

For more than 30 years 快播视频 Cortland Community College has worked closely with school districts to enhance the opportunity and accessibility of education for students in Central New York. With CollegeNow, our commitment to this partnership is stronger than ever. We support the student transition to college and careers by providing quality college credit and connecting our faculty with school instructors to promote career pathways, clarify college expectations, and raise awareness of 快播视频 Cortland and its resources. Some examples of how CollegeNow works with our partner schools include:

Who are CollegeNow students?

CollegeNow students are high school students who are ready to earn college credit now! Learn more about how CollegeNow can help you get a head start on college through concurrent enrollment courses offered in the high school, online courses, or campus-based coursesHomeschooled students will find a range of credit and non-credit opportunities, including assistance completing their high school equivalency through college credit.

Our Value:

In a recent survey, former CollegeNow students resounded in agreement:

  • 98 percent would recommend the CollegeNow program to a current high school student.
  • 91 percent said concurrent enrollment courses increased the academic strength of their high school curriculum.
  • 91 percent rated their overall CollegeNow experience as good or excellent.

Students who participate in the CollegeNow program not only earn academic and financial advantages but also strengthen their college applications and develop tools for college 快播视频.

How do we work with our Partner Schools?

Some examples of how CollegeNow works with our partner schools include:

  • 122 distinct college courses approved for Concurrent Enrollment in 91 partner high schools;
  • 5,262 Concurrent Enrollment students earned 40,809 credits through concurrent enrollment at no cost;
  • 302 HS-aged students enrolled in 1467 credits online or on-campus;
  • 2,823 seniors graduated high school with 40,853 college credits (average 14.47 credits). Of those, 70 seniors from 13 districts completed their A.S. degrees while in high school; 
  • 82% of high school seniors in 快播视频 County and 71% of seniors in Cortland County graduated with credits earned through CollegeNow.

Early Degree

Learn more about our Early Degree program to find out what makes these students so unique.


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