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Our Virtual Office Hours

4 - 6 p.m. | Tuesday

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Services: Check the status of your admissions application and financial aid inquiries, as well as registration, housing, billing, and any other functions of the Enrollment Services Center. 

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Register Online

You can if you meet certain criteria and are authorized by your advisor.

If you have questions or problems, review the course searchcontact the Enrollment Services Center, or call 607.844.6580.


You must complete course prerequisites prior to the start of classes. At the time of advance registration you may preregister for the course as long as you are currently enrolled in the prerequisite. If you do not 快播视频fully complete the prerequisite for a course you are registered for in advance, you will be removed from the course. You must obtain instructor permission to register for any course you have not met the prerequisite for.

If you do not meet established basic skills guidelines you must take placement tests in appropriate areas before taking ENGL 101, Academic Writing, a MATH course or other courses that require extensive reading or writing. Before you register for a class requiring a prerequisite course, proof of 快播视频ful completion of the prerequisite course must be submitted.

Course Load

Fall and Spring semesters: The average course load for a full-time matriculated student is 14-16 credit hours per semester. The minimum full-time load is 12 credit hours. The maximum load is 18 credit hours. Except where required by the academic program, students wishing to register for 19 or more credit hours must have the approval of the Office of the Provost.
Summer: Students may take up to four courses (12-16 credits) during the summer semester. Students may only take two courses (6-8 credits) per summer session. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Office of the Provost.

Cross Registration

To provide more flexibility in the choice of courses toward the associate degree, the College has arranged a cross-registration program with SUNY Cortland. If you are a full-time matriculated student in good standing you may take one course at SUNY Cortland. There is no extra tuition charge involved. Courses taken at SUNY Cortland must be applicable to your degree program and not offered at 快播视频 Cortland at any time. Students at Cortland may cross-register for one course at 快播视频 Cortland as well.

Grades earned in such courses will not appear on the 快播视频 Cortland transcript, nor will they count toward your GPA at 快播视频 Cortland. You are responsible for having official transcripts sent to the College after you have completed the semester. Contact an enrollment services specialist at 607.844.6580 for registration information.

Schedule Changes (Add/Drop/Withdraw)

If you wish to change your schedule by adding, dropping, or withdrawing from a course, complete a change of schedule form and go to the Enrollment Services Center for processing. If you are a continuing student authorized by your advisor to register online, you may change your schedule using myTC3 prior to the start of classes. The College offers courses in a variety of academic sessions with different start and end dates. Refer to the Academic Calendar for dates.

Adding Courses

Generally, once a course has started, instructor permission is required in addition to an advisor鈥檚 approval to enroll in that course during the 鈥渁dd鈥 period specified for each academic session. To enroll in a course once the 鈥渁dd鈥 deadline has passed, you are required to obtain the Dean of Instruction鈥檚 signature in addition to your advisor and instructor鈥檚 signatures.

Dropping/Withdrawing Courses

You may drop courses with your advisor鈥檚 approval through the end of the 鈥渄rop鈥 period specified for each academic session. After the 鈥渄rop鈥 deadline has passed, a grade of 鈥淲鈥 will be assigned until the withdrawal deadline. Remember that dropping or withdrawing from courses can affect your financial aid and your academic status. Make an appointment with a financial aid counselor to discuss the potential effect on your current financial aid award.

Refund Policy

Fall/Spring Only; based on a 15-week schedule
If you drop a course or withdraw from the College, you will be charged non-refundable tuition, fees, housing and meals according to the following schedule for 15-week courses. Non-refundable charges will be prorated on a similar schedule for courses less than 15 weeks. Payments in excess of final liability will be refunded to the student. Non-payment of tuition and fees does not constitute an automatic withdrawal.

Prior to the start of classes: 0%
During the first week of classes: 25%
During the second week of classes: 50%
During the third week of classes: 75%
After the third week of classes: 100%

Course Cancellation

The College reserves the right to cancel any courses because of insufficient enrollment, instructor availability, or other circumstances. To find out if any course has been canceled, check myTC3. If your course is canceled, you will receive a full refund unless you sign up for another course. Contact the Enrollment Services Center or use myTC3 to select another course.


Auditing a course means that you attend class but do not take exams or receive credit. You may register to audit any credit course using the same registration procedures. Regular tuition and fees are charged for audit status. People age 60 and over may audit credit courses tuition free (fees may apply) if there is space available after the regular registration period.

Audit status must be declared at the time of registration and you must pay regular tuition for the courses. The notation of 鈥淴鈥 will be made on your academic record for an audited course.  A change from audit to credit status must be made within the add/drop period 鈥 within three weeks of the start of regular 15-week courses.

Lifetime Alumni Association: If you are a lifetime member of the 快播视频 Cortland Community College Alumni Association you may audit, tuition free, one course per year. You will be responsible to pay the fees. The course must have space available after regular registration. Call the Office of Alumni/ Development, 607.844.8222, Ext. 4369 for information.

Senior Citizen Auditors: If you are age 60 or older, you may audit, tuition free (fees may apply), any credit course that has space available the last day before classes begin. Call the Enrollment Services Center, 607.844.6580 for information on how to register.

Leave of Absence

Maintaining Matriculation: Missing the next consecutive Fall or Spring semester will not require you to reapply for readmission. However, an absence of two or more semesters will require an application for readmission and cause you to be subject to new degree requirements.

Leave of Absence Policy: If you need a documented leave of absence you must petition the Associate Dean for Curriculum and Academic Records. A leave of absence may be granted only in extenuating circumstances, such as illness or other unusual personal hardship and requires detailed documentation. A leave of absence may not exceed two consecutive semesters (not including the semester in which the leave is granted or summers). If you are granted a leave of absence before the end of a semester, you will receive a grade of W, WP, or WF according to the current withdrawal policy.

Permission to Attend Another Institution

If you wish to take a course at another institution approval from the Dean of Instruction prior to enrolling in the course. Receiving prior permission to attend the other institution guarantees that the course will be accepted at 快播视频 Cortland if the student receives a C (2.0) or better grade in the course. In order to be eligible, a student must be matriculated, have a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.0, and be in good academic standing. Only course work that applies towards the student鈥檚 degree program at 快播视频 Cortland will be approved. Contact the Academic Records Office for further information.