Student Clubs

Interested in joining a club? Our campus is home to clubs and organizations created by students, for students. Visit the Get Connected Fair at the beginning of the semester for your chance to browse the various offerings. You are welcome to join as many as you want, and encouraged to pursue starting your own.

Start a Club

Before starting a club, make sure there isn't one that already exists below. If there is student interest for a new club, complete the MeetUp Request form and email Cheyenne Gorton, 快播视频 Director of Student Activities and the Student Center, at

Active Clubs

African Caribbean Club (ACA)

The ACA is about making stories and listening to them. Through these stories and experiences, we learn about ourselves, each other and different cultures. We give voices to, and deal with, real social issues. Our club provides a place to speak your mind and stand in your truth without any judgement. ACA will always be with you when you start your journey at 快播视频 Cortland Community College.

Hospitality and Restaurant Association (HRA)

The goal of the HRA is to contribute to the college in a significant organized way and to help people learn about opportunities and resources in Hospitality.


We know that having a safe space for LGBTQ+ students is important! We offer games, snacks, and the ability to talk and spend time with other members of the community.

Outdoor Adventure Club (OAC)

OAC is a group of students who meet and plan outdoor activities and trips. We provide adventures that students may or may not have had the opportunity to experience.

Residence Hall Association

The Residence Hall Association is the bridge between the school and the Residence Halls. Not only are we the voice of the residence halls, but we also bring educational and creative activities to the halls to enrich the resident experience.

Sport Management Club

The Sport Management Club provides hands on experience in the Sport industry.

Sustainable Growers Club

The mission of the Sustainable Growers Club is to promote sustainability and environmental awareness at 快播视频 Cortland Community College through community-based explorations of farming and food systems.


STAND is an educational and activism based club. For example, our efforts in Spring 2019 centered on voter registration.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association is the student voice for 快播视频 Cortland Community College. Learn about campus services, leadership skills, or bring your talents to our Student Involvement Council.

Strategic Gaming Club

The Strategic Gaming Club provides a place for people to learn how to play games that stimulate the mind and promote thinking.