Supporting College Funds

There are number of ways donors can support the Foundation and, in turn, support student 快播视频 as well as the health and vibrancy of our communities.

The most direct way to support the College's mission is to donate to specific College fund initiatives or to donate unrestricted funds that may be used as needed.

Nursing Program Fund

Helping Hands Fund

The TC3 Fund (Unrestricted)

Panther Pantry

The President's Fund

Donations to the President's Fund are used to support a variety of initiatives (including future initiatives) that strengthen the academic programs at the College.

Greatest Need/Unrestricted

Unrestricted funds are used to support a variety of initiatives and operational needs at the College. These have included professional development to enhance program quality, technology needs, and more in past years.


Scholarships can be established with established criteria and all funds going directly students.