Thank You

Helping our students succeed is one of the many goals of the foundation. It's always nice to hear how our efforts have contributed to their 快播视频!

Students on Dryden Campus

鈥淚 am honored to accept this scholarship. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be the best I can be in my field.鈥 - Alychia Margets

鈥淚 want to thank you for this! It truly means so much and gives me the opportunity to continue my education to better my self for my kids. You truly do not know how much this means to me, thank you again!鈥 - Jennifer M Parker

Adult Students on Dryden Campus

鈥溾 would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generosity in awarding me this scholarship. Thanks to your donation, I will be able to complete my 鈥 Degree this upcoming May. Thank you for allowing me to continue pursuing my dreams.鈥 - Medina Lojic

鈥淭hank you so much for the scholarship! It is truly helpful and very appreciated. I have been working nearly full time and going to school full time, and it feels awesome to feel seen with all the hard work I have put in. Again. Thank you.鈥 - Gabrielle Stone

two students outside

鈥淭hank you so much for this scholarship. I am overly appreciative of this.鈥 - Savanna Tuttle

鈥淭hank you for helping students afford education. I was able to lessen my financial burden.鈥 - Joa Yi

Students outdoor on Dryden Camous