Intensive ESL


Global students at Niagara Falls

With more than 10 years of experience offering Intensive English Programs (IEPs) to international students and professionals on our safe, beautiful, and rural campus, 快播视频 Cortland is an innovator in offering effective and engaging English instruction by experienced and professional teachers of English. Costs are kept at a minimum while quality remains a focus.

快播视频 to Anyone

IEP at 快播视频 Cortland is ideal for:

  • Anyone who needs to improve their academic English and learn more about the United States and its people in order to be 快播视频ful in an academic setting.
  • Current or incoming international students from all over the world who plan to study at a college or university in the U.S.
  • Recent college graduates and current graduate students who need to refresh their English during the summer break period.
  • Adult professionals coming the U.S. who need to improve their academic English before starting an academic program or employment in an academic setting in North America.

 A Program to Fit Your Goals 

High Customization

Specialized courses can be developed upon request in areas such as Business English, English for Tourism and Hospitality, English for Health Care professions, and more.

Full Service

An IEP experience at 快播视频 Cortland includes the opportunity to immerse yourself fully into American academic life. On-campus housing, dining, and student services allow you the chance to focus on your studies in a safe and friendly environment.

Low Cost

Quality, affordable education taught by professional and experienced instructors is within reach at 快播视频 Cortland. We offer competitive pricing for not only our classes, but also dorms, food, and program administration.

Cultural Immersion

Lessons extend beyond the classroom with cultural visits to nearby locations to experience American lifestyle and culture first hand. Excursions can include holiday/festival inclusion, local culture experiences, nature exploration, and more. Some themes and locations of the visits can be customized to fit your specific program focus.

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