Class of 2024 Wendy Nguabenemutu-Samani

I have met wonderful people here, and you are all part of my story
Class of 2024 Wendy

Starting college can be a challenging time for any student. If you’re learning a new language, and a new climate, it can be especially difficult. That’s part of what makes Wendy Nguabenemutu-Samani so special.

She came to TC3 because her aunt is a TC3 alum, and gave her great guidance. “She advised me to choose TC3 because it allowed me to learn English before taking classes for my major, and it is affordable,” said Wendy. “Classes are small and teachers are closer to the students.”

Nguabenemutu-Samani came to TC3 from Lambarene, Gabon, and has thrived in her new environment. But it took work. “At first, it was so difficult to communicate.  It was so hard to do all of my assignments and turn them on time because I needed more time to try to translate before doing it,” she said. “Concerning the weather, my home country is very warm all year. I got there during Spring 2022 and it was so cold. The first three months were so difficult.”

How did you she persevere? She got involved, working with the student activities office and taking advantage of the opportunities available to all students. “I met really good people here. Leah 첥Ƶ (Student Activities 첥Ƶ Director) and Cheyenne Groton (Student Activities Director), besides being understanding supervisors, were willing to share their experiences as soon as I asked them for advice,” said Wendy. “Angela Palumbo, my English as a Second Language teacher, was a really good friend and advisor. And thank you to Dr. Jake (Professor Jake Jacobs) for being a reliable, friendly advisor, willing to explain, help, and guide at any time when I stopped by his office.”

“I am so grateful of all the wonderful people I have met. They are all part of my story.”